From the moment I stepped in to Jacinda’s car and saw Bumper (a ceramic cow on a spring) I said I want one in my car.  The problem was I was 14 and had no car…=)  Four years later I got my first car and I still wanted a Bumper like ceramic animal on […]

Broken down cars…

As you can see from my twitter posts…my car broke down 62 miles out side of Primm Nevada.  Luckily my car

broke down near an underpass and my friends were about an hour and a half behind.  AAA you say???  Yeah not so much….I have the basic package which gives me 7 miles of […]

Car=being rekeyed…

Why? Well if you look below to “I’ve been robbed…” My car was broken in to…and among the things that was stolen was the valet key that I keep in the glove box. Yay. So now I have to spend 300 bucks to get all the locks in my car rekeyed…::sigh:: But after this […]