Jury Duty...yay...

Guess what I got to do for 8 hours today?  Yup that’s right…sat on  my ass waiting to be called up for jury duty!  Yay! Jury duty!!!  Bleh.  While I did not actually want to serve on a jury and I did not get called up to be even considered…I can’t shake the feeling […]

Final Fantasy XIII first impressions...

Final Fantasy is one of the main reasons why I wanted to get the PS3 (well that and Kingdom Hearts).  I have been looking forward to playing Final Fantasy since I played FFX back in the PS2 days.  I had been holding out for a Wii version but realized that because the Wii is […]

mmmm....Thin Mints...::Homer drool::

So…it’s that time of year…or rather towards the end of the time of year where The Girl Scouts sell those wonderful cookies of theirs.  It is a little difficult for me to get my hands on them because of the area I live in…The Girl Scouts do not sell their cookies at any supermarket […]

Intoducing Frick and Frack!

Meet Frick And Frack The Dwarf Hamsters!  Frick is the black one and Frack is the gray one.  Here’s a link to the pet section of my flickr site if you wish to see more pictures of them…btw they are both girls  =)

So Frack is the smaller of the two…yet she always picks […]

Another weekend at the desert/scary moment

Roughly twice a year a bunch of us head out to Palm Desert and hang out at Lon’s parents place for three days or so.  What do we do for those three days? Hang out, play games, get drunk, eat the breakfast of death…basically relax and enjoy each others company.  What is this breakfast […]

R.I.P. Frazz The Hamster…

This morning I had wondered why I haven’t seen Frazz in a couple of days…so I walk over to her cage and pick up her house…she sorta fell out of her house.  When I looked down at her the first thing I noticed was an odd smell andafter I had a good look at […]


11 years ago I said to myself…I don’t want to be a computer tech…I realize now that I should play to my strengths rather than learn something new.  Why learn to walk at something when I can already run at something else?  So here I am…attending Devry which in all respects is a technical […]

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

One of my favorite games when I was a kid was the Monkey Island series.  I’m not gonna bother trying to explain what Monkey Island is but I will say that this game was made back in the days when games required thought and out of the box thinking […]


James May of Top Gear had the honor/opportunity of a life time to fly in a U2 spy plane at 70,000ft.  That’s twice what an airliner flies at.  The footage he took was breath taking and really reminds you just how big this planet is and how small we are.  Enjoy.

Oh yeah…the […]

Vodka, Skittles and Gummie Bears

Not acutal flaskes used…=)

Last week was Dave Sanders’s bachelor party.  I wanted to make something special that would look cool and get everybody really drunk at the same time…=)  My solution?  Skittle infused Vodka and Vodka infused Gummy Bears.   A few months ago I stumbled upon the recipe for Skittle infused […]