Learned a few things

I’ve learned a few things over the past few months…

 The scoopy thing at the top of a potato peeler is used to remove the eyes Adding more curry doesn’t make it taste better There is a such thing as making something spicier but not tastier Rubbermaid Brilliance sucks ass I have a long […]

Another weekend at the desert/scary moment

Roughly twice a year a bunch of us head out to Palm Desert and hang out at Lon’s parents place for three days or so.  What do we do for those three days? Hang out, play games, get drunk, eat the breakfast of death…basically relax and enjoy each others company.  What is this breakfast […]

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

One of my favorite games when I was a kid was the Monkey Island series.  I’m not gonna bother trying to explain what Monkey Island is but I will say that this game was made back in the days when games required thought and out of the box thinking […]

Vodka, Skittles and Gummie Bears

Not acutal flaskes used…=)

Last week was Dave Sanders’s bachelor party.  I wanted to make something special that would look cool and get everybody really drunk at the same time…=)  My solution?  Skittle infused Vodka and Vodka infused Gummy Bears.   A few months ago I stumbled upon the recipe for Skittle infused […]

Wow…just wow…

I have no words for this…I went over to look to see what Frazz was up too and what do I see?  I see Frazz asleep holding a seed…yes folks…she fell asleep WHILE eating.

Anyhoo…quote of the day!

“I don’t believe in reincarnation, and I didn’t believe in it when I was a […]

Punch-Out!! (Wii Version)

Since the last incarnation of Punch-Out!! that came out for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) I’ve been (we all have been) waiting for the next version of this game to come out.  The last two consoles (N64 and Game Cube) had some great franchises on them and even launched a few of them…but […]

Pagan Weddings

So Bonnie’s wedding was a first for me…not because I’ve never been to a wedding…but because it was a Pagan ceremony.  Don’t get me wrong…there is nothing wrong with it…I’ve just never been to one before.  It seemed very familar though…there was a wedding party (though all guys and all but one were in […]

Bellingham and Washington as a whole Final Thoughts…

As I said earlier…Washington is a beautiful state…and Bellingham is a great city.  Trees everywhere, the ghettos not really being ghettos, getting a two bedroom apartment for 600 bucks, Cuban cigars are just an hour’s drive away, Gerbils can be bought and owned…the list goes on.  But being a native of California I really […]

Grandma by the 101

Last year I went up to Piratefest up for some drunken pirate fun.  I had two choices…the 5 which would save me an hour but be a really boring drive visually or drive up the 101 and have see some truly beautiful scenery.  I choose the 101 =) .  On my way up I […]

I’m on a bus!

So like the buses in Washington have signs in English and French. Whereas in California they are in English and Spanish…not sure why I find this so interesting…but I do.

It’s always interesting to me to find out about the differences between states and even countries that the locals find to be the […]