Intoducing Frick and Frack!

Meet Frick And Frack The Dwarf Hamsters!  Frick is the black one and Frack is the gray one.  Here’s a link to the pet section of my flickr site if you wish to see more pictures of them…btw they are both girls  =)

So Frack is the smaller of the two…yet she always picks […]

R.I.P. Frazz The Hamster…

This morning I had wondered why I haven’t seen Frazz in a couple of days…so I walk over to her cage and pick up her house…she sorta fell out of her house.  When I looked down at her the first thing I noticed was an odd smell andafter I had a good look at […]

Hamster escape!!!

And recovery…=)  So I was playing with Frazz…and I guess I was doing something she didn’t like cause she took a swan dive off my hand on to the floor and ran faster than Speedy Gonzalez under my bed.  I have NEVER seen her run that fast before…she usually walks everywhere…but I guess when […]

Meet Frazz!

The only thing I don’t like about Syrian Hamsters is that you cannot keep them in same sex pairs i.e. two boys or two girls…cause if you do they will fight to the death.  Robos and Dwarf Hamsters however will live (most of the time) happily together and play with each other.  Why […]