Hot Oil

The Woks of Life have an awesome Hot Oil recipe. However, it’s not hot enough for my tastes. The oil itself is fantastic. I decided to knock it up a notch by adding crushed habanero peppers. I failed utterly in trying to knock it up a notch. I did however succeed in knocking it up […]

Now the other knee hurts!

So the knee that had been bothering me was my right knee. The right one is at about 90%. My left knee is now starting to hurt. It’s difficult for me to walk up and downstairs. I really am starting to feel like an old man. This was triggered because I decided to go […]

Gout’s almost gone!

Well my gout is almost gone. I can pretty much walk normally now but if I let my foot sit idle for too long it takes about 10 seconds of warming up before I’m walking normally again. I hope by tomorrow morning I’ll be back to normal and I can go on my nightly […]