Colds and Coughs

So for the past week I’ve had a pretty bad cough…to which I blame my runny nose.  Starting at around eighteen years of age…I decided to not take medication for a simple cold or cough.  Why?  Mostly cause when I took stuff like DayQuil or NyQuil they only worked for an hour or two […]

mmmm....Thin Mints...::Homer drool::

So…it’s that time of year…or rather towards the end of the time of year where The Girl Scouts sell those wonderful cookies of theirs.  It is a little difficult for me to get my hands on them because of the area I live in…The Girl Scouts do not sell their cookies at any supermarket […]

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

One of my favorite games when I was a kid was the Monkey Island series.  I’m not gonna bother trying to explain what Monkey Island is but I will say that this game was made back in the days when games required thought and out of the box thinking […]


James May of Top Gear had the honor/opportunity of a life time to fly in a U2 spy plane at 70,000ft.  That’s twice what an airliner flies at.  The footage he took was breath taking and really reminds you just how big this planet is and how small we are.  Enjoy.

Oh yeah…the […]

Vodka, Skittles and Gummie Bears

Not acutal flaskes used…=)

Last week was Dave Sanders’s bachelor party.  I wanted to make something special that would look cool and get everybody really drunk at the same time…=)  My solution?  Skittle infused Vodka and Vodka infused Gummy Bears.   A few months ago I stumbled upon the recipe for Skittle infused […]

Yay for Moosebutter!

So I had an entire write up for this…but firefox decided to give me the middle finger and crash on me…and for some reason wordpress didn’t autosave a draft for me…go fig…anyhoo…here’s my attempt to rewrite my already written post…=)

My buddy David Dukellis posted a video on his facebook page done by […]

Wow…just wow…

I have no words for this…I went over to look to see what Frazz was up too and what do I see?  I see Frazz asleep holding a seed…yes folks…she fell asleep WHILE eating.

Anyhoo…quote of the day!

“I don’t believe in reincarnation, and I didn’t believe in it when I was a […]

Time lapse picture of our Galactic Center

Here is a very well done time lapse video clip done by William Castleman of the Galactic core of the Milky Way.  The pictures were taken over a 9 hour period with 20 second exposures that were taken every minute.  That’s 540 pictures!  This is the kinda stuff I’d like to do one […]

Pagan Weddings

So Bonnie’s wedding was a first for me…not because I’ve never been to a wedding…but because it was a Pagan ceremony.  Don’t get me wrong…there is nothing wrong with it…I’ve just never been to one before.  It seemed very familar though…there was a wedding party (though all guys and all but one were in […]

Grandma by the 101

Last year I went up to Piratefest up for some drunken pirate fun.  I had two choices…the 5 which would save me an hour but be a really boring drive visually or drive up the 101 and have see some truly beautiful scenery.  I choose the 101 =) .  On my way up I […]