Happy Pi Day!!!

It’s Pi day! Please remember to eat a round shaped object in honor of that little symbol that allows us to calculate various things relating to things that are round. =)

Quote of the day

“In fact I can recite Pi to 40,000 places…the last digit is 1.”

–Apu […]

I’ve been robbed…

No…this is no joke. I went out to my car this morning and found my passenger door partly ajar. When I looked inside I saw my stereo was missing…my glove box emptied…and my center console emptied. I take a minute to collect myself and call my brother (IE work) and tell him that I […]

Site Redesign…

Hey all! I decided that the old layout was too boring and thus…needed to change. Took me a while but I eventually found a theme I liked and the really cool thing about this particular theme is you can (very easily) customize anything and (almost) everything. I will miss the random header images…but hey…change […]