Learned a few things

I’ve learned a few things over the past few months…

 The scoopy thing at the top of a potato peeler is used to remove the eyes Adding more curry doesn’t make it taste better There is a such thing as making something spicier but not tastier Rubbermaid Brilliance sucks ass I have a long […]

New news!

So…I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.  Good news is I recently moved in with my good buddy Brad to a safer neighborhood and that my rent has been reduced by a fair amount.  Bad news is my blog go hacked and I had to do a fresh install.  Thank you WP […]

Intoducing Frick and Frack!

Meet Frick And Frack The Dwarf Hamsters!  Frick is the black one and Frack is the gray one.  Here’s a link to the pet section of my flickr site if you wish to see more pictures of them…btw they are both girls  =)

So Frack is the smaller of the two…yet she always picks […]

R.I.P. Frazz The Hamster…

This morning I had wondered why I haven’t seen Frazz in a couple of days…so I walk over to her cage and pick up her house…she sorta fell out of her house.  When I looked down at her the first thing I noticed was an odd smell andafter I had a good look at […]


11 years ago I said to myself…I don’t want to be a computer tech…I realize now that I should play to my strengths rather than learn something new.  Why learn to walk at something when I can already run at something else?  So here I am…attending Devry which in all respects is a technical […]

Piratefest 2009!

Had a blast at this years Piratefest!  Got drunk, sung songs, played games (including Pirate Musical Chairs) slept on a really uncomfortable camping mat, got my ass beat down by an 8 year old in liar’s dice and other things that are kinda fuzzy atm…=)  The only bad thing was the heat made it […]

Scary stuff…

Here’s the scene…I’m chilling out at the start of Dave Sanders’s bachelor’s party…when my mom calls me in tears saying “Your dad is in he hospital.”  Lucky I didn’t drink too much by this point and was able to drive over to the hospital 5 minutes away.  So I get to the hospital and […]

Grandma by the 101

Last year I went up to Piratefest up for some drunken pirate fun.  I had two choices…the 5 which would save me an hour but be a really boring drive visually or drive up the 101 and have see some truly beautiful scenery.  I choose the 101 =) .  On my way up I […]


I gots a chat wall again!!  The really cool thing is that akismet will filter the spam posts for me…=)  Yeah baby!  Doncha just love these short posts?  =)

Quote of the day!

“giggidy giggidy goo!”

–Glenn Quagmire

Chunker=gun nut!

I have officially become a gun nut.  What kinda gun did I get?  It wouldn’t matter because only one person who reads this site knows the type of gun…and he already knows what I got.  But just for the record it is a CZ 75BD.  Ha!  See?  You have no idea what a […]