Hot Oil

The Woks of Life have an awesome Hot Oil recipe. However, it’s not hot enough for my tastes. The oil itself is fantastic. I decided to knock it up a notch by adding crushed habanero peppers. I failed utterly in trying to knock it up a notch. I did however succeed in knocking it up several notches. Now to figure out how much I can add to my food without killing the taste, my mouth, and my butt hole…=) I cannot wait to try this with some pot stickers.

Had my first physical the other day and it went well. The test results seem good and what I was expecting. I plan to review the results with the doctor next month.

Didn’t walk/run last week. That was bad. I plan to do that this week though and get back to hiking. Good news is my running isn’t triggering any gout attacks! WOOHOO! ::knocks on wood:: Bad news is I still cannot run very far but I think I’m able to run a bit further each time I do it. I really should just go to the gym. It’s only a 2.4 mile walk. I’ll try it one day and see how that goes. I am paying to renew my membership every year so I really should use it. Just gotta find my lifting gloves.

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