Learned a few things

I’ve learned a few things over the past few months…

  1.  The scoopy thing at the top of a potato peeler is used to remove the eyes
  2. Adding more curry doesn’t make it taste better
  3. There is a such thing as making something spicier but not tastier
  4. Rubbermaid Brilliance sucks ass
  5. I have a long ways to go if I want to hike Mt. Fuji
  6. There are dentists out there that know how to inject pain killers and do not try to compensate via volume.

Now to clarify a few things and to post about stuff that’s been happening over the past 4 months.

Number 2

I found a great Coconut Curry recipe over at The Woks of Life (surprise surprise). I found it delicious but I wanted a stronger curry flavor. I doubled the amount of curry but that really didn’t fix the issue…if anything it made it worse. I can’t say it tastes bad but it doesn’t really taste good either. I’ll have to play around with the recipe or maybe I’ll use a curry paste instead.

Number 3

My go to food is Mapo Tofu. If I can’t think of anything else I’ll make this. It’s easy to make, it stores well, and it tastes great. I’ve been trying to find a good chili oil to replace the other stuff that they stopped selling because it seems it would give you cancer. I suppose it was a good thing they took it off the market. Anyway I scoured the internet trying to find a decent replacement and I eventually found a few that could work. The first I tried was a habanero based oil and the reviews said it was HOT but it didn’t add any flavor. I thought who cares? The mapo tofu is already pretty damn tasty and all I wanted was heat. I was wrong. It seems the chili oil adds to the flavor as well as the heat. I’ll find a good replacement eventually.

Number 4

My plan during tax season was to make all my food for the entire season. I started to build a good base of recipes so I wouldn’t be eating the same thing for 3 months. I then had to find some good containers to store said food in. Now I could have just bought a giant food container and stored everything in there and just scooped out what I needed daily but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted my meals to be in an individual container so all I had to do was grab it from the fridge in the morning and go to work. I had some criteria for what I wanted in a food storage container. First it had to be light. Second it had to be air tight. Third it had to have a locking mechanism.  There were several containers out there that fit the bill but the Rubbermaid Brilliance line won out. The locking mechanism was hinge based and so it wouldn’t break off like the wing based Glasslock or Snapware ones. It was completely clear which wasn’t a requirement but it was a nice bonus. The fact that it was stain resistant was also nice. I really liked the idea of the vent holes too so I wouldn’t have to pull the lid off when I put it in the microwave.

Rubbermaid Brilliance sounds pretty cool right? Awesome even? Yeah no. The vent holes were not large enough to vent the steam fast enough and would cause the lid to warp and crack. I remember once the lid actually popped off. I even tried to pull the lids off and then placed them on top to stop any splashing but the lids still warped and cracked. Eventually the lids will crack to the point where the rubber seal will pull away from the lid which basically makes it useless.

I ended up throwing them all away and replacing them will the Glasslock stuff. I hope these hold up better. On the plus side the lids are “free” to replace but you do have pay for shipping.

Number 5

I went hiking one morning with Rex and I realized how far I have to go to keep up with him. It was embarrassing and a little discouraging. I plan to remedy this via hiking more, running more, and working on those steps near the trails.

Number 6

I’ve been going to the same dentist for years now but recently they’ve been acting a bit on the shady side. I recently got Blue Shield dental insurance and when I asked if I was in their network I would never get a straight answer. They would also charge me a $150 annual fee every year…even if I just paid the first one in November and I was coming back in January for a teeth cleaning. I eventually started to go to Rodney Guerrero DDS and Holly Hanna it’s like night and day. He uses just ONE vial of pain killer and my entire jaw is dead to the world for hours. He also uses those nifty rubber blocks so it’s easier to zone out when I’m getting fillings and whatnot. He’s located in Long Beach and the number is 1-562-269-0153.

And so that’s it for this update. I’ll keep you (and by you I mean me cause nobody reads this but me) updated on my progress towards Mt. Fuji, my first 5K, my battle with gout, cooking, and other random crap that happens in my life.

See you!

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