Foot hurts and more cooking

So earlier this year I posted about wanting to get back into shape and I’ve been walking 7-10 miles every week since September. I split it between walking 5 miles on surface streets and 2 miles hiking the hills of PV. I used to do two 5 mile walks but I realized that I need to do something more vigorous so I swapped in hiking to add a bit of difficulty. I have since tried to knock it up a notch and try running again. Being weary of what happened in January I wanted to take it slowly and only ran for about a minute over a 90 minute walk. I felt fine after that so I decided to try for 3 minutes over a 90 minute walk and the result was an injured foot. It feels like gout but I’ve been eating relatively healthy over the past few months. I did devour an entire bag of popchips so maybe that’s what triggered it. It’s been 3 days since this started and it’s starting to fade away. I think I’ll be able to resume my nightly walks by Saturday.

So what did I cook this week? Sriracha Orange Beef and Chili Oil. The sriracha orange beef was good but not very orangy. I also didn’t like the sauce mixed with the rice at all. I’m not sure what I did wrong but I’ll figure it out somehow. Maybe add more orange juice? I also think I cooked it for a bit too long as the red peppers were pretty much disintegrated by the time I pulled it off the stove.

The chili oil is awesome. It’s not as hot as I like but very flavorful. There are things I need to keep in mind when I make this again though. This recipe smokes like hell and my “exhaust” will not keep up. The entire house was a smoky mess until I opened all the windows to air out the house. I also got to remember that the heat controls on this stove suck and a medium heat is more like a medium high heat. As a result of this I burned the aromatics (that’s what the folks over at The Woks of Life call them). They said this would create a subpar oil and if burning the aromatics creates a subpar oil then I really want to see what happens when I do not burn them. I really want to figure out a way to make it spicier…I’ll have to try the different crushed chilis over at 99 Ranch as see what happens.

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