Pork Belly! Stairs!

So I tried the Shanghai-Style Braised Pork Belly from The Woks of Life and it was so good I licked the spoon and pot clean. However it took me about twice as long to cook the dish and I’m not entirely sure why it happened. The recipe called for me to simmer the sauce down to a glistening coat but after 2 hours of simmering it was still more of a thin gravy. I eventually (as the website suggested) turn the heat to max and stir constantly to reduce the sauce to the correct consistency. The problem with doing that is the meat fell off the fat part so when I started to eat it I got either all meat or all fat. Now don’t get me wrong it was delicious but eating chunks of fat gets old and kinda gross after awhile.

I did my weekly hike over in PV this week and I decided to end my hike via the stairs instead of the trail. Holy Hanna was that difficult. However I have a new goal now…to get to the top of the stairs without stopping. I wonder how long it will take. It will be difficult to train as I do not think there are any stairs I can actually train on and I really do not want to drive the 40 minutes it will take me to get to PV. Maybe there are some bleachers nearby I can use…

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