Black Friday Hike

Hiked again today. Burma Trail to Kelvin to Rattlesnake. A 2 mile hike with an 800 foot incline. Took me about an hour to do it with 4 breaks. The rattlesnake part was the toughest bit as it is the steepest part of this particular hike and where I took the most breaks. I want to get this hike down to 40 minutes with zero brakes. After I do that I’ll go for longer and longer hikes until I can hike for 11 miles with a variation of elevations. I need to find a place where I can climb 5,000 miles to mimic Mt Fuji…maybe Mt Whitney? I could possibly just do the 11 miles at a faster pace when I go uphill? Jog it maybe if my knees will allow it but I’ll see if that possible with tax season looming over the horizon.

I’m not sure how I’ll be able to keep up the cooking, walking, and hiking throughout tax season as I really only have Sunday to take care of everything. I can do it I suppose but I’ll be cooking three meals in order to make enough food to last me 6 days. That’s a lot of cooking! I suppose I can just double or triple the recipes I have but I really don’t want to eat the same thing for 6 days straight. ]

I have found another website that has some awesome recipes! Creme de la Crumb is  yet another site full of relatively simply recipes but covering a wider range of food types unlike The Woks of Life. Now don’t get me wrong The Woks of Life is a great site but they only have asian (mostly Chinese) recipes and I would like to expand my horizons…even though it will cost me in herbs and seasoning…=)

It feels good to be blogging again. I am paying for the site so I really should use it even if nobody else reads this…=)

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