Walking, a bit of hiking, and some cooking.

I’ve started to walk roughly 10 miles per week (until recetly). I started this at around the beginning of September and I plan to keep it up. I have however dropped down a little in distance and added in difficulty by hiking with altitude changes. So I walk one day for 5 miles and then I hike another day for 2-3 miles. Why am I doing this? I would like to get back in to shape but mostly because I want to do the Mt Fuji hike next summer and get my walking stick. See you can hike up Mt Fuji and get markers burned into a walking stick at stations along the trail to the top. Awesome right?

I’ve also started to cook again. I’ve realized that I spend WAY to much money to going out to eat every day. I’m not the best chef in the world but it’s good enough for me. I have found a great site called The Woks of Life and there are a lot of GREAT recipes. I find that I have to modify the recipes a little to suit my tastes but for the most part everything I’ve made from there has been great. They have recipes that suit all skill levels and have great instructions. They even have a section that tells you about Chinese cooking, methods, spices, ingredients, and even tips on how to eat around Chinese people.

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