Now the other knee hurts!

So the knee that had been bothering me was my right knee. The right one is at about 90%. My left knee is now starting to hurt. It’s difficult for me to walk up and downstairs. I really am starting to feel like an old man. This was triggered because I decided to go ¬†for a night time walk. I felt okay the next day but the day after that my left knee started to complain. I wonder if it’s just another gout attack or something worse. I say this because my knee is popping and I do not associate popping joints with gout.

Now I was walking up and down stairs because I wanted Deadpool and I had to park in the structure over at Arclight. Overall I liked the movie and I hope Deadpool starts a trend of rated R super hero movies. While I did enjoy Superman, Batman, Ironman, and The Avengers I wonder what the rated R version of them would be. Bloodier differently and probably more sex.

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