It’s going to be a looooong Tax Season

Week 3 of tax season and the February calendar is so full we had to open the March calendar 3 days early. Now don’t get me wrong this is a good thing as more people means more business for us but man almost every night we have clients up to 7:00 PM. This means I will not get to leave until 8-9 PM and Eddy doesn’t leave until 9-11 PM. This leaves little wind down time for us when we get home which leads to less sleep. With less sleep I get sick more often and it takes long for me to recover. At least we get Sunday’s off…for now…=)

As for my knee I still cannot completely straighten it and it’s difficult for me to walk in the morning. If I take some advil the pain goes away and I can walk normally but doing this makes me feel older than I am. I really should go see a doctor…=/

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