Rest In Peace Frack the Hamster

Over the last few days I’ve noticed that Frack has been acting lethargic and walking with a hunched back.  After some research I came to the conclusion that she was nearing the end of her life.  She was at the ripe old age of 1.5 years and she lead a happy hamster life.  Frack always had plenty of food, water, toilet paper rolls to crawl through, a wheel to run on and a house to live in.  It was hard watching her slowly pass away and I tried to hold her as much as possible to try and comfort her.  She even fell asleep a couple of times!  I will miss her.

Quote of the day!

“Squeek squeek squeek!”  (rough translation: Give me treats or I poop in your hand!)

–Frack the Hamster

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