In loving memory of Clara Crawford

Clara Crawford died today.  My heart goes out to Kenny…I cannot even begin to understand the pain that he is going through right now.  It came so suddenly…a lot of us couldn’t even believe that it was Clara Crawford…it must have been some other Clara that we knew because the Clara we knew was just fine and dandy.  We all had just seen her three days ago at her house warming party where she was laughing and talking…generally having a grand old time.  She even yelled at us for putting that free couch on her lawn =)  Well…not so much yelled but more like a playful angry shout…=)  My heart also goes out to Clara’s family and everybody else who knew her…we will miss her…I will miss her.

Quote of the day!

“thanks everyone who came to her house warming party and frowns up those who put that damn couch on her lawn.  you KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!”

–Clara Crawford in response to us putting that damn couch on her lawn…=)

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