Hacked…again and some other stuff =)

So once again my site was hacked…but it wasn’t wordpress it was the actual web server =(  Luckly they didn’t do too much damage before I noticed and was able to change my passwords and do some clean up.  I was a bit worried for a bit there though…wordpress is easy to recover cause I do backups of that every week…but the entire web server…never thought I’d have to worry about that.  However I choose to look at this latest hack attempt as a lesson to not only backup wordpress but my entire web server….so thanks Mr. Hacker Person for teaching me an important lesson…=)

So I started to RP again…a superhero and a Call of Cthulhu campaign  GM’d by Dave “D” Dukellis.  For the superhero campaign I am not playing my usual liquid metal guy but as guy with teleportation powers.  My character’s name is Don Jon and his alter ego is Bamf.  It’s gonna be strange having to dodge bullets and stuff this time around.  Call of Cthulhu was always one of my favorite systems to RP with.  Mostly cause it’s dark and kinda scary….I mean how often do you play a game where blood coming down from the walls is just a normal part of the game?  =)  I’m also excited cause I finally live in a place where I can actually host the games and not worry about living in a crappy apartment in a bad neighborhood with no parking.

Quote of the day!

“Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?”

–Britney from Glee

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