New news!

So…I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.  Good news is I recently moved in with my good buddy Brad to a safer neighborhood and that my rent has been reduced by a fair amount.  Bad news is my blog go hacked and I had to do a fresh install.  Thank you WP DB Manager for helping me get my blog back up and running!

Anyhoo…the new place is great!  Needs some fixing up but it’s tolerable AND I can throw parties now…cause throwing a party in a studio apartment would kinda suck…=)  It’s a 3 bed/1 bath house with a fairly large back yard and as I stated earlier the neighborhood is way safer than where I was in Long Beach.  My room is smaller than the studio but with the public areas (kitchen, living room etc) I have more space over all.  A few things need to be fixed up in the house but that’s gonna be taken care of by the land lords soon…but I don’t mind because well…I’m out of Long Beach finally =)

Hacked blog…Christ I’m embarrassed…not sure if it was my fault or just an issue with wordpress 2.9.2 and some sorta security hole.  I’m kinda glad now that not many people read my blog because it was trying to inject a virus in to computers as they loaded up my front page…=(  I can say however that this was a recent thing…probably with in the last week…so if you actually visited my site within that time I would run a virus scan just to be on the safe side.  Again thank you WP DB Manager for helping me get my site up and running with little to no effort on my part.  =)

Quote of the day!

“Nom Nom Nom”

–Pretty much anybody that eats something yummy

4 comments to New news!

  • Lon

    What you got against Long Beach? =P

    Glad to hear everything is working out. Reading your blog reminds me I should go back and work on mine. Cripes!

  • yeah…I need to like update mine more =)

  • Paula

    Yay for blogs. 🙂 I know, shocking that I still check yours when I remember where I left half my marbles (which really isn’t all that often, to be truthful). I think about you often these days ever since I put your jade back on my necklace. Hope you’re doing well and I’ll be back in the area in August, possibly for good. Wanna meet up?

  • I thought you were gonna stay an extra year over there…too bad you’re gonna be back in August…you’ll miss the house warming =( But sure…I’d love to catch up with ya =)

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