Colds and Coughs

So for the past week I’ve had a pretty bad cough…to which I blame my runny nose.  Starting at around eighteen years of age…I decided to not take medication for a simple cold or cough.  Why?  Mostly cause when I took stuff like DayQuil or NyQuil they only worked for an hour or two if at all.  So anyway….this past week has been bad.  I can’t sleep any longer than a few hours before I start to have a coughing fit and forces me to sit up because if I lay back down I just cough even more.  I decided that it’s been many years since I made the decision to not take medication and to give them another shot.  I try NyQuil first…same basic result…I’m okay for about an hour or two then I start to cough.  I then try to find a maximum strength type cold/flu/cough type medication…cant’ find anything.  Feeling a bit disappointed and a bit desperate I try Tylenol Cold Mult-Symptom and surprise surprise…same result.  I was hoping that either NyQuil or Tylenol’s Cold stuff would knock me out for at least four to five hours but I didn’t feel drowsy at all.  Now I could just take say…double the dose…but I don’t know enough about these medicines to make such a call and I’m too lazy to google it….=)

One good thing did come out of me buying these medications though…I found the aftershave I thought was discontinued…=)

Quote of the day!

“Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils …”

–Louis Hector Berlioz

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