Intoducing Frick and Frack!

Meet Frick And Frack The Dwarf Hamsters!  Frick is the black one and Frack is the gray one.  Here’s a link to the pet section of my flickr site if you wish to see more pictures of them…btw they are both girls  =)

So Frack is the smaller of the two…yet she always picks on Frick (who is like 30% bigger)  I guess it’s Frack trying to show her dominance.  There is nothing to worry about though as there is no blood or missing ears/legs/eyes whatever…so it’s all harmless atm…but I’m keeping a watchful eye on the two of them just to make sure.   Another thing is that Frack still tries to bite me when I try to pick her up but Frick is all cool and welcomes my hand…go fig.  I hope Frick will get over her hand biting thing soon…

Quote of the day!!!

Oh, Harvey, Harvey
Harvey the Wonder Hamster
He doesn’t bite and he doesn’t squeal
He just runs around on his hamster wheel
Harvey, Harvey
Harvey the Wonder Hamster
Hey, Harvey!

–Weird Al Yankovic

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