R.I.P. Frazz The Hamster…

This morning I had wondered why I haven’t seen Frazz in a couple of days…so I walk over to her cage and pick up her house…she sorta fell out of her house.  When I looked down at her the first thing I noticed was an odd smell andafter I had a good look at her though…it was obvious that she had passed on.  I like to think I gave her a good life.  She had a hamster wheel, lots food and water, lots of treats, soft bedding and a house to live in.  She was a very kind and docile hamster too…I could pick her up and pet her to my heart’s content and she’d just sit there starting at me wondering where her treat was…=)  I am a bit puzzled as to why she died so young as I got her in April of this year.  Anyway…here’s to Frazz The Hamster!! You will be missed.

Quote of the day!!!

“No…she’s not named after a comic book character…she’s was named after the tufts of fur sticking out of her butt.””

–Ryan Cheung

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