Piratefest 2009!

Had a blast at this years Piratefest!  Got drunk, sung songs, played games (including Pirate Musical Chairs) slept on a really uncomfortable camping mat, got my ass beat down by an 8 year old in liar’s dice and other things that are kinda fuzzy atm…=)  The only bad thing was the heat made it rather difficult to stay in full Pirate Garb or even to wear any pirate garb really but I was able to wear it at night so it wasn’t all that bad…=)  I would like to thank Aaron Rhodes for organizing Piratefest every year and putting up with the crap that goes along with organizing an event like this…we all <3 you Aaron!  I would also like to thank Dave and Tommy for coming up this year and I hope to bring up more people next year! See you all Piratefest next year!!! ARRRRR!!!!!!

Quote of the day!


–Any Pirate Really

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