Scary stuff…

Here’s the scene…I’m chilling out at the start of Dave Sanders’s bachelor’s party…when my mom calls me in tears saying “Your dad is in he hospital.”  Lucky I didn’t drink too much by this point and was able to drive over to the hospital 5 minutes away.  So I get to the hospital and I find my mom and she tells me that they are preping my dad for open heart surgery!  HOLY CRAP! is what I was thinking…but I wanted to keep a calm face for my mom…so I played it cool.  I tried to keep her occupied by talking about random things…like…the weather…kids these days…blah blah blah…eventually though the need to know exactly what was going on got to me and I started to call people I knew in the medical field to get advice as to what to do next and perhaps what was going on.  Eventually I was told I should ask the ER registration nurses and ask them what was up.  They told me that my dad was in the cath room and that they were going to insert a tube in to the femoral artery…snake it up to his heart…inject a dye and watch the workings of his heart.  So now I’m thinking oh thank God…he’s not in surgery!  A few minutes later Dr. Lopez comes out and informs us that one of my dad’s arteries is indeed blocked…but my dad’s body formed it’s own bypass.  Yes…my dad’s body is so freeking bad ass that it formed it’s own bypass.  So now he’s resting well in a bed over at Torrance Memorial with my mom.  They say that they’re going to put him on a treadmill and if he does okay here they’re going to send him home Sunday or Monday.  Here’s to small miracles.

Quote of the day!

“My dad’s body is so bad ass…it formed it’s on bypass!”

–Ryan Cheung

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