Lake Peigneur

Lake Peigneur…used to be small little freshwater lake where one could take your child to and just fish to your hearts content. That was of course…until some oil company (too lazy to look it up) miscalculated where they were drilling and pierced the top of the salt mine that was under Lake Peigneur. For those of you that do not know just how large salt mines are…well…let’s just say they’re pretty freeking huge…like multiple football stadium huge…and by multiple I mean several dozen. Anyhoo…once they pierced the top of the salt mine…all the water rushed in to salt mine…and because of this it drew in water from other source of water…many sources of water. The flow of water was so fast and furious…it made some canals actually flow the other direction (creating the tallest waterfall in Lousiana for about 10 days) It also sucked in oil barges…about 12 of them in to the salt mine as well…amazingly enough…nobody was killed…I smell a cover up (Puts on tinfoil hat).  So after all is said and done this small fresh water lake turned in to a very large salt water lake. You should google it…there’s a cool history channel bit on it..

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