Broken down cars…

As you can see from my twitter posts…my car broke down 62 miles out side of Primm Nevada.  Luckily my car

broke down near an underpass and my friends were about an hour and a half behind.  AAA you say???  Yeah not so much….I have the basic package which gives me 7 miles of tow…fun huh?  For those not in the know…Barstow is 80 miles south of where we broke down.  Anyway…I thought I’d be helpful and walk the 50 yards or so to the exit nearest us so I could tell my friends what exit to look for…yeah…this is what I saw…

yup…the name of the exit…was…exit.   That is exactly just how far in the middle of nowhere my car broke down.  Now…there was a gas station on the other side of the freeway…but from the looks of the place…it was the kinda place where you would expect a horror film to take place.  Add to the fact that that we were where?  Yes the middle of the middle of nowhere…so I was reluctant to walk over…or maybe it was the fact that it was 101 degrees…and I didn’t want to make the trek over…with the sun beating down on me.  Thirst however…is a strong motive…and we were forced to walk in the 101 degree sun to the gas station.  (Oh yeah…Nick was with me…as I was driving him to and from Vegas)  As we approach the the gas station…all I see is a fence with barbed wire on it…trailers…. and oh yeah…did I mention it was freeking hot?  We walk in the door and to my surprise…it’s nice…and more importantly…it has AC.  Sweet sweet AC.  I buy 7 bottles of water and Nick and I destroy 2 bottles of it in about…a minute.  Remember how I said that I only had 7 miles worth of towage?   Fortunately…my buddy that was behind me has 100 miles worth of towing power.  Yay!  Go Dave!  Unfortunately we get to Barstow too late and the garage cannot fix my car until tomorrow.  So here I am…stuck in a motel 6…stealing wifi from the BEST motel…cause motel 6 won’t give me free wifi.

My hope now is that I won’t get gouged for too much money for the repairs for my car…and that I can go home on Monday…and not like…Thursday.  Anyway…I’ll post updates as they come…either via new posts…or twitter…for anybody who actually reads this blog.

hmmm…quote of the day…


–Homer Simpson

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