Now…maybe I’m just being an asshole here…but I personally think that if you move to this country…you should learn how to speak English. And not just “Hi my name is blah blah blah” or “Where is the bathroom” but have the ability to speak/write the English language completely and properly….IE fluently. Nothing pisses me off more than walking in to a resturant…ordering some food and having to repeat myself like a moron speaking slower and louder and still getting a chicken sandwich when when I ordered a burger with fries. I understand that immigrants tend to flock to their little ethnic towns and in these towns they don’t need to speak English because everybody speaks their native language…but YOU LIVE IN AMERICA…where the majority of the populous speaks English…not Spanish…not Chinese…not Japaneses…not Tagalog…but English. I also understand that immigrants work very hard to make a living here… and they don’t always have the time to go to night school to learn it…fine but that’s no excuse for your children to not learn it. My cousins were born here…raised here but they do not know how to speak English well at all (well some of them). Shit like this makes me want to scream. In fact when my brother was younger and he first started preschool the teacher actually yelled at my parents cause he didn’t know a word of English. I commend that teacher for having the guts to tell my parents off for not teaching their own child how to speak English. If I met her tomorrow I would give her a gold star and a cookie =)

Anyhoo…quote of the day…

“Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.”

–Theodore Roosevelt

7 comments to Immigrants…

  • At Google, it’s like chinatown! Mandarin chinese up here is the equivalent of spanish in so cal – you hear it EVERYWHERE.

    Not meant as a knock on anyone, but chinese seem to be the most adverse to learning/spaking engilsh. I hear korean and japanese very seldomly, but I hear mandarin being spoken loudly in public at malls, restaruants, etc. Way to alienate yourself from society, jerks!

  • Damn Chinks! (I’m Chinese…so I can say that =) )

  • haha, you are “Chinker” after all! Man.. people are such idiots, haha.

  • Yeah…I ever understood why people sometimes read Chinker and not Chunker…it’s a fucking “U” for God sakes!

  • Benjamin

    agrees, but with this it can not be helped, it is in their blood

  • wow…other people visit my site? ::boggle::

  • Cesar Moves

    I’ve heard some goody things about this blog. Remember to balance the pics with the text tho 🙂 but over all very nice post, keep up the good work

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