Chunker=gun nut!

I have officially become a gun nut.  What kinda gun did I get?  It wouldn’t matter because only one person who reads this site knows the type of gun…and he already knows what I got.  But just for the record it is a CZ 75BD.  Ha!  See?  You have no idea what a CZ is…most have heard the name Beretta, Glock or even Sig but generally most have never heard of the CZ.  I think the CZ is know pretty well world wide since the CZ 75BD is used by many police/armed forces world wide (at least that is what their website says).  I don’t blame them either…the gun is accurate, easy to use, feels good in the hand and is 100 bucks cheaper than a Beretta…shoots just as well too. 

In order to get a gun in California there are a lot of hoops to jump through…tons of paper work to sign…tests to take…and really stupid questions to answer.  First you need to get a “Handgun Safety Certificate”  or HSC…they ask you questions like when you are handling a gun you should: A. Point it at somebody  B. Point it at an animal C. Point it in a safe direction so that nobody will get hurt.  Now…if anybody cannot answer this question correctly they should just fail automatically…hell they should just fail at life.  But the HSC test is full of stupid ass questions like this…a complete waste of time and paper if you ask me. 

Next you have to sign a billion + 1 pieces of paper work…one of which has this questionnaire…with various questions like have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor…these questions I understood…the one I could not believe was on there was “Are you a felon on the run from the law?” I laughed when I read that question..  What kind of idiot would answer yes to that?  The other one I liked was “Are you currently taking any illegal drugs?”  ::sigh::  again…if you answer yes to the “are you a felon running form the law?” question…you have bigger problems and getting a gun from the store probably isn’t your best choice in handgun procurement. 

And now we come to the last part of getting a handgun in California…the 10 day waiting period.  Pretty straight forward…gotta wait 10 days till you can get your gun…but they are REALLY exact about it…what do I mean by this?  Well when all was said and done it was 1:15pm.  I had to wait till 1:15pm on the 10th day…they would not release the gun to me anytime before that.  Talk about one anal law. 

They say that after every time you shoot you gun you should clean you gun.  So after I fired off 250 rounds I went back home took my gun apart and went to town on it.  Cleaned and oiled every aspect of the gun I could get my hands on.  But that’s not the fun part of the story…oh no…not at all.  The CZ 75BD has what they call a magazine break…which basically keeps the magazine from falling out.  Now this sounds nice…but in reality it’s a pain in the ass…why you ask?  Well usually when you push the button to release the magazine…it will pop out in to your waiting hands…but with the magazine break it comes out maybe…MAYBE a quarter inch.  Now you have to grab and yank it out…very annoying.  So I got a replacement piece for it…it’s nice and flat and allows the magazine to fall out freely…much better…course trying to get the old out one was an experience.  As I tried to pull out the old part…it seemed as it was anchored to the gun somehow…like…maybe it was wedged in or something…like…a pin perhaps…and maybe if I remove said pin the part will just come out.  So I remove the pin…and this thing juts out from the bottom of the gun about a quarter inch.  I pull on the part to remove it…now it’s wedged in even more!!!  AHHHH!!!!  I decided to just yank on it and see what happens…the part comes free.  Now remember that little thing that jutted out a quarter inch?  Yeah…that thing was spring loaded…and flew across the room apparently it was the spring for the hammer…man that thing was hard to get back in.  The other fun thing that happened was as I was cleaning it…I decided to mess with the decocker….what’s a decocker?  It allows one to push a switch and it will safely decock the gun even if there is a round in the chamber.  Anyway…I mess with the decocker…it doesn’t work…the lever is locked in place…fuck…I somehow broke my gun…fuck fuck fuck…I try not to panic and see what would happen if I put the slide back on…some how that fixed it…not sure how or why…but it did…and all was well. 

Oh on a side note…as I was browsing around the store waiting for the 1:15 mark…I came across the Smith and Wesson 500.  Why would I take time out of my day to write about this gun?  Well…for starters it’s 18 inches long.  The cylinder (where the bullets go) is about…2…2½ inches in diameter…the bullets are about 2½ inches long and ½ inch in diameter.  It’s a huge fucking gun.  Gun control nuts were outraged by this gun saying that gang bangers will hide this 18 inch monstrosity in their pants…sure…they can hide this 18 inch, 5lb (unloaded) monstrosity in their pants…but I doubt it would be very hidden or I seriously doubt they could even walk with it tucked in their baggy pants. 

Anyway…quote of the day!

“Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost 5,000 dollars. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollar, we wouldn’t have any innocent bystander .”

            –Chris Rock

3 comments to Chunker=gun nut!

  • Welcome to the Gun Nut world! 😀

    Yeah, CZ is sweet. Czeska Zbrojska or something (I forget the spelling). I love that it’s little known about, but dead reliable. Cheaper than most guns in its class, yet outshoots them all (except for the high end SIGs, but those cost an arm and a leg for just a tiny bit more accuracy).

    The Beretta 92fs is known to be a super smooth and accurate gun – and when I *really* try, I can shoot it as well as I can shoot a CZ75bd (about 6″ groups at 20 yards). It takes so much concentration though, and it’s not as consistent. The CZ however.. *easy* to shoot well since its ergonomics are top notch, and the shots are consistent and on the dime every time.

    😀 Plus, it just looks real cool… take some pics of it for us 😀

  • oh, and btw.. “gun control means never having to say I missed you.” 😀

    And a few pics to drive home the point:

  • Hmmm…I really should post some pics…

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